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Adipex – Medical Weight Loss in Indianapolis


Adipex (Phentermine) Weight Loss in Indianapolis

Maybe you’ve been struggling with your weight for some time.  You’ve tried all manner of diets: Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, The Zone, etc.  You’ve lost some weight but gained it back.  You know what to do, but just need some motivation.Adipex- Lose weight now

Does this sound like you?  If so, then our new Medically Managed Weight Loss Program is for you!  Our program utilizes the longest and most prescribed weight loss medication: Adipex (phentermine).  This is not over the counter, herbal stuff either, this is real prescription Adipex (phentermine).  Unlike a lot of clinics that charge extra to do the appropriate monitoring, we include all of that in the program for you in house.  We want you to win in weight loss!

How Does Adipex Work?

Adipex (phentermine), when used appropriately, does two things: it helps curb your appetite, and it increases your metabolism.  You really can’t beat that when it comes to weight loss.

About Our Program

Our program includes a panel of labs that help rule out metabolic disease that could be affecting your ability to lose weight, an EKG, a body composition analysis, an advanced metabolic rate test (the same test that many high performance athletes take to help tailor performance diets).  You will know exactly how many calories you can eat and still lose weight and if anything is going on in your body that could be impeding your ability to lose weight.  You’ll leave your first appointment with more knowledge about your metabolism than you have ever had before.  We believe that the more knowledge you have about yourself, the more likely you are to win in weight loss!

While Adipex (phentermine) is safe when taken under medical supervision, there are some conditions that would exclude some from taking the medication.  While we want everyone to succeed, we also want our patients to be safe.  If your testing comes back showing that Adipex (phentermine) is not a good fit,we can utilize other medications to help you as well.

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