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Weight Management

Your healthy weight is your happy weight. Reach yours with Village Osteopath's weight management programs.

Your healthy weight is your happy weight. Reach yours with Village Osteopath’s weight management programs.

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Pain is tricky. It’s not a problem in itself, but rather a manifestation of other underlying issues. While no one person’s cause of pain is the same, research shows time and time again that being overweight is associated with greater amounts of pain and almost all pain conditions from carpal tunnel syndrome to osteoarthritis are more prevalent in people who are overweight. Because we believe in treating from an integrative standpoint, weight management is a part of that.

I get asked all the time about diets and what diet is the best. I can tell you that just about any diet if followed as prescribed will work but will stop working once you revert to poor eating habits. The best diet is the one you can follow and incorporate into your life.

All diets fall into one of two groups: either keeping all food groups and reducing the amount of food you eat or eating the same amount you do now but totally restricting either all fat or all carbohydrates. Both of these methods work so it’s up to you which way you want to go. At the Village Osteopath, we are offering a pharmaceutical grade, sublingual HCG diet program.

Origin of the HCG Diet

It all started back in 1954 when British endocrinologist Albert Simeons, MD studied pregnant women in India. He noted that while the Indian women were malnourished, they were still delivering healthy babies. He determined the hormone HCG (produced primarily in the first trimester of pregnancy) must modulate the body’s metabolism to efficiently utilize fat stores for energy. He started to utilize HCG along with caloric restriction for weight loss that would target fat storage without breaking down muscle tissue.

About Village Osteopath’s HCG Diet

The Village Osteopath HCG is prescription-grade HCG, not homeopathic HCG found at common supplement stores or on websites. With the Village Osteopath HCG diet, sublingual (under the tongue) drops are used twice a day during the first 30 days of the diet during the ‘On Phase’. This phase begins with two days of high caloric intake ‘Loading Days’, followed by a very low calorie diet (VLCD) for 28 days. During the ‘On Phase’ of the HCG diet, past HCG patients have lost anywhere between 10-40 pounds.  The second phase, the ‘Maintenance Phase’, of the diet begins with a two ‘Transition Days’, followed by a 28 day maintenance period where weight is maintained at a Set Point Weight. The VLCD ends at the start of the ‘Maintenance Phase’, and caloric intake will vary by individual. Throughout the diet, caloric intake and weight are recorded daily.

Getting Started

Below are a few links with more information about our HCG diet, and the HCG diet in general. If you would like to get started on our HCG program, you will need to determine which diet plan you feel would work best for you (see link below). While we welcome you to call our office or email us with questions you might have, we recommend scheduling an initial consult visit to accurately assess your needs and answer any specific questions.

Plans and Pricing
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