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Smoking Cessation


Smoking is the leading cause of preventable mortality in the United States and is associated with co-morbidities too numerous to list. 

If you found your way to this page, there is a good chance it is because either you, or someone you know, smokes.

Village Osteopath offers pharmacologic smoking cessation programs as part of an integrated approach to healthcare.

Studies show that patients who smoke also experience more pain. Smoking is also associated with accelerated bone loss and increased risk of fractures (Study: Smoking and Fracture Risk). Cessation can not only stop, but reverse, the loss of bone mineral density and decrease the risk of fractures.

Schedule a consult with Dr. Scott Nall of Village Osteopath to determine which treatment plan is best for you to minimize the side effects of quitting, while helping you achieve a positive, healthy change.



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