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IV Nutrition


Do you feel your recovery period after workout or competitions could be shorter or less painful?

Do you have an event, competition, or trip coming up that you just don’t have the energy for?

Are you trying to get over a cold or the flu, and just can’t seem to get back to “100%”?

Do dietary restrictions or digestive issues prevent you from supplying your body with the nutrients it needs?

Restore Your Body Naturally

If you’ve ever walked into a sports or supplement store, you’ve probably seen a myriad of products designed to boost your energy, help you prepare for competitions and workouts, facilitate recovery, and help your performance. These products might help, but many don’t. You might also end up being sold supplements that you don’t need or aren’t good for you.

At the Village Osteopath, we offer a range of intravenous therapies formulated to fit your specific needs. Our IV infusions are not to be confused with illegal IV doping. Depending on your needs, your IV infusion can include antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to give your body a physician-regulated natural boost.

Who Can Benefit?

Village Osteopath has several IV treatments available designed to assist:

  • Sports Performance and Sports Recovery – supplying the body with antioxidants,  nutrients, and hydration to help the body function and recover optimally
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Viral Illnesses – mono or the seasonal flu
  • Vitamin Deficiencies – especially those with digestive issues or allergies preventing intake and absorption of vitamins
  • Chelation for Heavy Metal Toxicity

What Do We Offer?

Village Osteopath has several IV formulas available, including:

  • Vitamin B Boost 
  • Diet/Detox
  • IV Ozone 
  • Immuno-Boost

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