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B12 Injections

A small dose of B-12 methylcobalamin (Methyl-B12) proves that big things often come in small packages. Many physicians offer B-12 cyanocobalamin because it is less expensive and more readily available. At Village Osteopath, we provide patients with the more active form of B-12, that the body does not need to modify (unlike cyanocobalamin) prior to using.


Benefits of a B12 Injection Can Include:

•Increased Energy

•Better Quality of Sleep

•Decreased Stress Levels

•Support of Thyroid Hormone Production

•Antioxidative Power

•Support of Red Blood Cell Production

At Village Osteopath, the B12 injection is given subcutaneously. The injections can be spaced as often as one week apart.

New B12 Patients

New patients coming to Village Osteopath for B12 injections will need to fill out a one page form prior to receiving the shot. Call (317) 491-5272 or email us to schedule a time to come in for a B12 injection. Your initial appointment will be 15 minutes. Subsequent appointments will be shorter and can be scheduled as needed.

New B12 patient packet here

Read our newsletter about B12 injections.

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