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PRP For Your Osteoarthritis

Dealing with painful arthritis is the knees?

Knee pain due to arthritis is a very common finding. Many patients get relief with rest or by taking anti-inflammatory medications. Sometimes a steroid injection can help in relieving pain, but these medications are not safe for everyone and have potential side effects. If these conservative treatments do not work and your pain still persists, then PRP therapy (platelet rich plasma therapy) may be an effective treatment option for you.

PRP is used commonly in sports medicine and various orthopedic conditions. Some studies have proved its efficacy in relieving pain associated with an arthritic knee. There are currently many studies underway involving a large number of patients who have knee arthritis, but doctors have already started successfully treating patients with PRP therapy to relieve pain from knee arthritis.

PRP has growth factors in the form of proteins that play a role in the natural process of healing, therefore injecting concentrated growth factors to the site of injury can indeed cause new cell growth and promote healing.

To ensure the accuracy of the placement of the platelet rich plasma, Dr. Nall uses diagnostic ultrasound. There is no surgical incision involved in this treatment, you experience little or no pain immediately after the procedure.

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