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Healthy Skin!

Healthy Summer Skin

If patients want to ensure that their skin appears healthy and does not age prematurely, they must understand a basic concept: the skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body. Anytime you’ve got inflammation of the skin, you’ve got inflammation of the bowel. When our skin looks unhealthy, it means our insides are not being healthy. The skin manifests these internal conditions in dermatological abnormalities, the biggest ones being dermatitis and eczema.

summer skin

There are five essential steps to promote healthier skin, and they do not involve substances that are applied to the skin; rather, they focus on what we put into our bodies.

1. Get rid of sugar. Eliminating sugar from the diet will reduce inflammation.

2. Take probiotics. They boost the good bacteria within your system. If you don’t clean out what you eat it will ferment instead of digest. The best probiotics contain a blend of good bacteria. One such product is Ortho Biotic, now available at Village Osteopath. Ortho Biotic contains a blend of 7 different probiotics, more than most supplements contain.

3. Take fish oil. A good Omega-3 fatty acid supplement is critical for reducing inflammation.

4. Drink water. Water is essential both to hydrate the cells and assist in elimination.

5. Take a good Coenzyme Q-10 supplement. This gives the cells the energy that they need.

If patients stick to these few guidelines they will be amazed at how many fewer skin problems they have. They will realize that what we put into our bodies truly manifests itself on the outside. Of course don’t forget to use sunscreen daily for protection.

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