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The Healing Touch

The Healing Touch of OMT

As a DO, Dr Nall has an advanced understanding of the interrelationships between the body’s structure and function. Osteopathic Manipulitive Treatment (OMT) is used to improve joint range of motion, balance tissue and muscle mechanics, and optimize blood circulation to maintain and restore health. Dr. Nall will check your joints for restriction and pain during motion as well as check your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Specific corrective force, stretching, gentle pressure and resistance are applied to affected areas to treat structural abnormalities, relieve joint restriction and correct misalignments. Dr Nall uses various OMT techniques.

Muscle Energy: In this technique Dr. Nall uses his hands to find joints that are not moving as well as or symmetrically with other joints. The joint is taken to its maximum range of motion and then Dr. Nall will ask you to contract specific muscles attached to the joint to overcome the barrier and restore motion.

Counterstrain (aka Strain-Counterstrain): In this technique Dr. Nall identifies specific tender points in the musculoskeletal system, moves you into a pain-free position, and holds that position for 90 to 120 seconds. After slowly releasing you from the position normal motion is typically restored.

Balanced Ligamentous or Membranous Tension: Dr. Nall uses his hands to evaluate motion in the soft tissue. If decreased or asymmetrical motion is detected Dr. Nall will follow the tissue in the direction opposite the restriction until the area feels balanced. That position is maintained until a softening or release is felt. The tissue is then slowly returned to its normal position.

Cranial Technique: This technique is similar in approach to Balanced Membranous or Ligamentous Tension. With his hands on your head Dr. Nall feels for asymmetrical or restricted areas of motion. Dr. Nall follows that motion to its endpoint then waiting for it to release which restores normal motion.

High Velocity-Low Amplitude (HVLA): In this technique Dr. Nall uses his hands to find joints that are not moving as well as or symmetrically with other joints. He then engages the barrier to motion in the joint and uses a quick but short thrust to overcome that barrier. Often a popping noise will ensue as motion is restored to the joint.

Do you suffer from back pain from sitting at your desk all day or maybe you never quite healed from that injury a few months ago. OMT is great for relieving joint restriction and misalignment, low back pain, neck pain ,sports injuries , and repetitive stress injuries.

Based on the severity of your symptoms you may need more than one OMT.

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Migraines decrease mental, physical and social health, and lessen the overall quality of life. With OMT, Dr. Nall can lessen the pain of migraine headaches; sometimes in place of medication and, other times, in conjunction with it. Adjusting your lifestyle to avoid personal migraine triggers, is another key to decreasing the likelihood of attacks. Let the healing touch of OMT help relieve your migraine.

What’s the difference between Dr. Nall who offers OMT and seeing a Chirpractor?  Dr. Nall is a fully licensed physician having graduated from an accredited osteopathic medical college and has completed all requirements for unrestricted medical practice and licensure. Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine includes all parts of the body; spine, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, from head to toe. A Chiropractor will mainly focus on spinal manipulations.

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