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Getting Ahead of Seasonal Headaches

Get Ahead of the Headache

A nasty headache can ruin even the most blissful, sunshiny summer day. I just spent the last few weeks in Hawaii (with a runny nose and itchy eyes… great for pictures), and am still recovering from the radical climate difference between Kauai and Indianapolis.
Two of the most common culprits behind seasonal headaches are allergies and migraines. Spraying Round-Up on your neighbors’ flowerbeds to avoid hay-fever isn’t advised. Instead, here are a couple of prevention and treatment options Dr. Nall recommends to help with the dreaded sinus headache or migraine attack:Several studies show that high doses of B2 (Riboflavin) can help prophylactically treat migraines. The frequency and number of days of the headache, as well as the need to use other anti-migraine drugs was significantly reduced with taking a 400 mg B2-Riboflavin supplement daily. The American Academy of Neurology states, “Because of its high efficacy, excellent tolerability, and low cost, riboflavin is an option for migraine prophylaxis.” Village Osteopath carries a dairy, gluten, soy, and preservative free 100-day supply of B2 for $26.00. Can’t stop in? We’ll ship to you.


Did you know many antihistamines are sold over-the-counter? When your body is triggered by something, like pollen, pet dander, or changes in the climate – it releases histamines. Antihistamines work against (drum-roll, please) histamines. Histamines cause your stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and rashes. Another at-home remedy you could try is a neti-pot. Nasal rinses clear your nose of pollen and also provide a quick, natural solution for unclogging sinuses. Still not working? Talk to your doctor about trying a prescription medication that suits your symptoms, like a bronchodilator/inhaler for respiratory tightness, or a steroid nasal spray for stuffy noses.


Patients see Dr. Nall for Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) for a lot of reasons, including migraines, headaches, and asthma. OMT can relieve head, neck, and shoulder tension that comes with -and continues to cause – headaches. Specifically, cranial technique is a type of OMT that focuses on pain-in-the-neck headaches. Your 30 minute appointment with Dr. Nall will have your headache running for the hills… or at the least, offer more than just the temporary relief medicine provides.

Controlling Triggers

Ideally, you’d never experience migraines or allergies. But we live in the real world, and they happen. Preventing the onset of seasonal health issues starts with being aware of your triggers, and trying to plan accordingly. Is pollen the issue? Check out the National Allergy Bureau’s site for daily pollen and mold levels, and avoid the outdoors when levels are high. Avoid summer concerts if you know you’re prone to migraines around those times. Other than that: eat, drink, and be merry – stress can trigger migraines and raise cortisol levels, which can heighten sensitivity to allergens.

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