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MythBusters: HCG Diet

Like many new therapies, diets, and any good reality tv show, the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatropin) diet is comes with its share of controversy.

How is one to make heads or tails of all the information surrounding the diet? It has not been approved by the FDA, but numerous patients and physicians across the country, including Dr. Nall, have found HUGE (pun intended) success with the diet. At Village Osteopath, the typical patient on HCG has lost around 1 pound a day during their first round! Yes, there are potential side effects, but those side effects don’t stray too far from the side effects of many common prescription drugs, even aspirin. Let’s bust some myths about all of the information surrounding the HCG diet. 

HCG Profile

Myth: You Starve Your Body on HCG

FACT: FALSE. The HCG hormone works by telling your body to release its stored fat for energy. HCG was discovered in the 50s by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons while working in India. He discovered that malnourished women could give birth to perfectly healthy babies because of this hormone, which works in pregnant women by releasing fat stores for energy for the baby. In the non-expectant population, the body still releases fat for energy with HCG, but this energy is used by the body. Without HCG, the very low calorie diet (VLCD) would induce feelings of hunger or weakness – the body’s way of telling the brain it’s starving. This is the reason why most low-calorie dieters don’t lose much fat – in starvation mode the body actually preserves fat to prepare for times ahead. With HCG, the body is producing energy off of its fat, and therefore does not trigger hunger, making a VLCD feasible and sufficient. Dr. Nall emphasizes the VLCD because it trains you to pay attention to what and how much you eat.

Myth: HCG Is Not A Sustainable Diet, and You Gain All The Weight Back 

FACT: YOU DECIDE. It is true that HCG is not something to be sustained as a lifestyle. The idea behind the HCG diet is for dieters to re-learn good eating habits:

  • Slower eating
  • Smaller portions
  • Non-processed foods high in fiber and protein

According to the HCG diet council:

  • The average female loses 18-24 pounds in 32 days
  • The average male loses 24-28 pounds in 32 days

If you return from the diet with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, then of course you’ll gain the weight back! Some physicians are reporting that after over 5 years, 80-90% of HCG patients have maintained their loss, higher than the average percentage for other diets. Dr. Nall states, “Studies have shown that weight loss can help alleviate painful, achy joints, as well as other health issues like high blood pressure.” The HCG diet can help those committed to a lifestyle change of not only losing weight, but increasing their health.

Myth: The HCG Diet Is Expensive, and You Give Yourself Shots Everyday! 
FACT: TRUEMany HCG diets are done with daily self-administered injections, and can cost you a pretty penny – or more – up to $1,500 for one round. At Village Osteopath, we supply patients with two options, neither one requiring daily injections. Drops of HCG are placed below the tongue to be absorbed into the blood stream. We offer two HCG diet plan options:
Medically Supervised Plan Medically Managed Plan
  • Everything from Medically Supervised Plan
  • Monthly office visits and lab work – billed through insurance
60 day round = $330 60 day round = $330 + visit charges*

*if not covered by insurance

Find out more about how the HCG diet can become part of your life by scheduling a consult.

Reported results are typical results. Results will vary by patient. The HCG diet is not approved as a dietary weight loss program by the FDA, all patients should seek physician supervision for the diet for safety and efficacy of the HCG diet plan. 


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