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The 411 On Vitamins

Vitamins – What You Need to Know Now

Pick your favorite colored gummy vitamin and call it a day. Don’t you wish meeting your body’s needs was that easy? What should you be taking and do you really need it? Are you mind-boggled by the expansive world of vitamins? Whether you can draw the chemical structure of methylcobalamin (the form of B12 linked with preventing chronic fatigue and aging disorders), or you have a red gummy vitamin in your hand right now, read on to make sure you know what you’re giving, or not giving, your body.

Do I really need vitamins?

Ideally, everyone would get their vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the nutrient-rich food they eat, like fish, low-fat milk and dairy, and fruits and veggies. But is your diet REALLY giving your body what it needs? For example, calcium is crucial for strong bones, especially in females and children, and has an Adequate Intake (AI) value of of 1,000-1,300 mg/day. Let’s be honest, you are probably not sipping that much milk with your morning joe. In fact, coffee, like dark sodas and alcohols, can deplete calcium stores. While supplements are no replacement for food, they can provide a base – acting as a form of ‘health insurance’ – just in case you aren’t getting everything you need from your food.

What should I take?

You should always consult your physician prior to taking any supplements to create a supplement plan that safely addresses your specific needs. Finding out how you measure up is as easy as having a simple serum test done, and is even easier now that Village Osteopath now offers in-office lab draws! Two vitamins you should consider checking for are vitamins B (specifically, B12) and D. Vitamin D production occurs naturally when the body is exposed to the sun’s UVB rays, but fluctuates with season and geographic location, significantly decreasing during fall and winter. The Vitamin D Council (yes, Vitamin D is so important is has its own council!) shares this rule of thumb: if your shadow is longer than you are tall (indicating diffusion of UVB rays by the atmosphere), your body is not producing enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D can be preventative against memory loss, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and infections. As for the B vitamins, a deficiency in B12 alone is linked with symptoms like anemia, fatigue, weakness, depression, and confusion. Older adults, people with gastrointestinal disorders, and vegetarians are most likely to be deficient in B12. Research suggests that all B vitamins play a key role in brain function, energy boosting, and immune system support, which is especially important during the upcoming flu season and even busier holiday months to follow!

Did you know…

In general, supplements are not regulated by the FDA for safety, content, or effectiveness. If your blood levels aren’t changing with supplementation, consider the source. Village Osteopath only carries products that have proven their effectiveness through lab results and testing. If your levels are still not improving with supplementation, consider the route. Those with gastrointestinal issues, like Celiac disease, may not be able to effectively absorb vitamins through their digestive system. Your body might be crying out for a B12 injection. A quick and easy B12 shot delivers the B12 solution to the muscular tissue to be absorbed by the surrounding vasculature. An even more direct way to get a vitamin boost is through an IV infusion. IV infusions take approximately 15-30 minutes and are formulated with specific vitamins to match a patient’s needs and blood osmolality. The infusion delivers a high dose of vitamins readily absorbed from the bloodstream and utilized by your body to maximize performance. Both B12 shots and IV infusions are available at Village Osteopath.


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