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OMT and DOs – The Bare Bones

Do you ever tell your friends, family, co-workers, or pet monkey, that you see an osteopath, only to have them ask, “What is that?” From here, things get a little awkward because you yourself might not even know what osteopaths are all about, or just how effective their treatment can be. In treating patients’ ailments, osteopaths see the patient as a ‘whole person’, not just someone with a series of symptoms to treat. These sounds simple and obvious enough, but allow me to illustrate: If a weed is pulled by its leaves, its roots will continue to grow deeper and eventually the weed will grow back more leaves. In order for the weed to be effectively pulled out and not grow back, it must be removed at the root. This is analogous to the philosophy of the osteopath. Rather than just treating the ‘leaves’, or the obvious symptoms that present themselves, Dr. Nall seeks to treat and ‘pull out’ the underlying root problem of the patient before it grows any deeper or worsens.

The Root of OMT

Interestingly enough, A.T. Still, the founder of osteopathic medicine, chose to use the word ‘osteopathy’ because of his belief that, “we start with the bones.” He believed that the musculoskeletal system was the root or foundation of the human body. This emphasis on the importance of the musculoskeletal system is one of the differences between traditional MDs and DOs. We know that (unlike with weeds) yanking will not help a patient’s illness. However, there is something to be gained with osteopathic manipulation therapy, or OMT. An additional focus of DOs, compared to MDs, is their ability to treat patients using OMT.

I’m a Feel-iever

Dr. Nall has received hundreds of hours of training in OMT technique from medical school alone. His extensive knowledge and experience with OMT is highly beneficial for all patient populations, including expectant mothers, infants and children, and post-surgical patients. At Village Osteopath, our patients find relief and show improved function, decreased pain, and increased range of motion with treatment. Even I have experienced the benefits of Dr. Nall’s OMT treatment. I had knee surgery seven years ago, and experience back pain and tightness after running. I never considered treatment since this recurring pain seemed normal, and I didn’t have a ‘real’ injury. About a month ago, I tried OMT for the first time with Dr. Nall. I noticed my posture improved immediately, but when I went running later, I really noticed a functional difference. My movement felt more fluid, strides felt longer, and my pace was easier to keep. I had been missing out on something I didn’t even know could help me!

Does this relate to you? Of course!

Dr. Nall uses OMT to improve the body’s function by restoring its structural integrity. OMT is most often used to treat the musculoskeletal system by easing pain, promoting healing, and increasing the body’s range of motion. However, not many people know that it can be helpful for other problems like migraines, menstrual pain, and asthma. Sedentary and active people alike may find relief with OMT, as many jobs requiring sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time are associated with poor posture and repetitive use injuries. To discover more about OMT, visit our website or call Village Osteopath to schedule an appointment. If you have reaped the benefits of Dr. Nall’s OMT, please share your experience with us and others by commenting below (anonymously, for you shy folk!), emailing us, or through our Facebook page.

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