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You Snooze, You…Win?

$8.50 for a 90 day supply of melatonin.

You Snooze, You…Win?

Close your eyes for a moment and reflect on the typical quality of your nightly slumber. Hopefully you didn’t fall asleep while reflecting. If you did, that might be a good indicator that you are not getting a restful night’s sleep. But how can you increase the quality of your sleep with your already limited hours and busy schedule?

Your solution could be Melatonin. 

Melatonin is a hormone naturally secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. It regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Here’s a fun fact – as children become teenagers, it is believed that the nightly schedule of melatonin release is delayed, thereby leading to a later bedtime and waking time. As we age, melatonin production decreases, making it harder for us to fall asleep at our ‘usual’ bedtime.

Melatonin not only regulates the biological clock (Circadian rhythm), but functions as an antioxidant as well. Studies indicate Melatonin may be appropriate for those experiencing occasional sleeplessness, or those wanting to increase the quality of their sleep.

A three month supply of vegetarian-friendly melatonin tablets is available at Village Osteopath for $8.50 – less than .10 a night for a sound night’s sleep!


Practice Updates – Now Offering More In-Office Services for Your Convenience ! 

Village Osteopath would like to announce our newest service available to our patients – in-office lab drawings and collections! Village Osteopath has partnered with Mid America Clinical Laboratories (MACL) to offer you this service. Specimens can be taken at Village Osteopath five days a week, and are received daily by MACL. We are excited to be able to make taking care of your health more convenient.

Please note that under certain circumstances, patients may be sent to the lab for their order. Please call ahead of time to schedule a lab draw if you are not coming in for a scheduled appointment. All labs will be billed to the patient’s insurance company through MACL, thus it is the patient’s responsibility to know their own insurance eligibility and benefit coverage.

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